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Small factory for rent are considered the optimal choice trend today for investors, small and medium enterprises because of their outstanding advantages in cost, time to operate and flexibility. Let’s take a look at 3 benefits with JSC Vietnam when rent small factory.

1. Small factory rental helps save costs

Before investing in the Vietnamese market, the first thing businesses need to do is find themselves a factory location. For small and medium enterprises with limited size and budget, renting small factory, especially in industrial zones, will be much more optimal because it only needs to cost a reasonable amount for rental factory, management fees and a few other basic fees.

Meanwhile, building a new factory by yourself needs to invest a large amount of money from industrial land lease, factory design, construction, labor and many other costs. If the rental factory is too large, the cost of rent, management fees will be higher and if the business cannot use the full capacity of the factory, it is also a waste. Therefore, renting small factories is a solution that many small and medium enterprises are interested in.

Small factory for rent
Small factory rental helps save costs

2. Small factory rental service helps quickly come into operation

Depending on the size and purpose of use, the time to build a factory usually lasts from several months to several years. The prolonged construction period will cause businesses to miss out on many development opportunities.

While renting small factories, especially in industrial zones with comprehensive infrastructure, accompanying utilities, clear legal procedures,… The business will only take 1 few weeks to complete the application and can start production immediately. Enterprises will have more time to research the market, focus on production to accelerate the planned progress.

>>>> Small factory for rent 288m2

>>>> Small factory for rent 648m2

3. Small factory rental is flexible and easy to adjust the scale

Renting a small factory also has high flexibility to help businesses easily change and adjust the production scale according to the actual needs of the business. For example, when the demand for production and business grows and needs to expand, businesses can flexibly convert to larger or smaller factories.

Especially renting factories in the same area and industrial parks makes it more convenient to relocate machinery and equipment between factories.

In short, depending on the requirements and business purpose, small and medium enterprises can choose to rent a small factory to help bring the best experience to the business, helping them optimize production efficiency without spending too much effort, time and money.

4. 504 m2 factory, selection for small and medium enterprises

– With a small factory for rent service – 504 m2, JSC is a great choice for businesses looking for a moderate production and business space that brings high production efficiency.
– Small factory for rent – 504 m2 is designed with full facilities such as lighting system, rolling doors, 3-phase electrical system, water supply system, wastewater treatment and many other utilities will meet the maximum production and business needs of customers.
– The convenient location of Nhon Trach 3 industrial park is also a big highlight for this factory. Located in the center of Dong Nai province, Nhon Trach 3 industrial park has convenient roads connecting to ports, airports and arterial roads, ensuring extremely convenient transportation of goods.
– In addition, JSC is constantly developing utility services, infrastructure, landscape to create a green, clean and civilized ecosystem, helping customers feel secure in production activities.
– With reasonable rents and flexible policies, we are committed to bringing satisfaction and cost savings to customers when choosing to rent a 504 m2 factory at JSC.

JSC Nhon Trach factory

JSC Vietnam – A company specializing in providing Nhon Trach factory rental services with high quality according to Japanese standards for small and medium enterprises who want to invest in the Vietnamese market. With 7 years of experience in cooperation with more than 54 enterprises, of which 80% of partners are small and medium enterprises from Japan.

JSC Vietnam specializes in providing professional and fully equipped factory rental services, with an area ranging from 288 m² to 15,600 m². Currently, JSC’s Nhon Trach factory rental project has two main locations in Bau Xeo Industrial Park and Nhon Trach III Industrial Park. Both are conveniently located inside industrial parks connected to arterial roads connecting to ports, airports and major cities.

  • Office model for rent, fully equipped meeting room, cozy and luxurious space; warehouse model with safe and spacious structure, helping customers to be assured in production and business activities at JSC.
  • Synchronous utility technical infrastructure system, green factory and clean many trees. There is a full system of electricity and water supply, stormwater sewage drainage. Many exclusive utility services, one-stop services and health care, dining, entertainment services,…

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