Greetings from representatives

Mr. Cao Minh Chuyen

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Greeting customers!

Japan Small and Medium Enterprise Development Joint Stock Company (JSC) is the first enterprise in Vietnam to receive funding from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) marking the close cooperation between Vietnam and Japan in the field of leasing ready-built factories with quality and service according to Japanese standards, providing investors with an Effective – Safe – Sustainable business environment, supporting small and medium-sized enterprises feel secure to invest in production and business in the Vietnamese market.

Besides the goal of providing ready-built factories of various sizes and areas and appropriate areas JSC also provides you with comprehensive infrastructure support services such as electricity supply, water, wastewater collection and treatment,… one-stop services such as supporting investment preparation procedures, supporting the implementation of investment as well as project operation and other health care, catering and entertainment services… These exclusive utility service models will help investors easily quickly deploy the process of establishing a business and investing in a factory, save costs and feel secure to focus resources on production and business activities to bring the highest efficiency to businesses during operation, development in Vietnam market.

At JSC, focusing on building an EFFECTIVE – SAFE – SUSTAINABLE business environment is the core value that we want to bring to investors who have given us confidence. JSC’s staff with dedication, professionalism and high expertise,… constantly striving and improving thinking to bring outstanding added values to customer and partners.

In the future, we want to create a community of domestic and foreign investors, creating conditions for businesses to coordinate and support each other in organizing production and business, building and forming a raw material supply chain, supporting production in Vietnam more and more conveniently and effectively.

We would like to sincerely thank you for your interest in our activities!

Pleased to serve you at JSC’s factories!

Mr. Nguyen Minh Trung

Genereal Director

Mr. Pham Xuan Thai

Deputy General Director