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Small ready-built factory 288 m2 for rent according to Japanese standards
– With a 288 m2 factory model, JSC is a great choice for businesses looking for a moderate production and business space that brings high production efficiency.
– The 288 m2 factory is designed with full facilities such as lighting system, rolling doors, 3-phase electrical system, water supply system, wastewater treatment and many other utilities that will meet the maximum production and business needs of customers.
– The convenient location of Nhon Trach 3 industrial park is also a big highlight for this factory. Located in the center of Dong Nai province, Nhon Trach 3 industrial park has convenient roads connecting to ports, airports and arterial roads, ensuring extremely convenient transportation of goods.
– In addition, JSC is constantly developing utility services, infrastructure, landscape to create a green, clean and civilized ecosystem, helping customers feel secure in production activities.
– With reasonable rents and flexible policies, we are committed to bringing satisfaction and cost savings to customers when choosing to rent a factory at JSC.
Please contact us for advice and factory tour We will bring you an EFFICEINT – SAFE – SUSTAINABLE production and business space.
Address: Nhon Trach III Industrial Park – Phases 2, Hiep Phuoc town, Nhon Trach commune, Dong Nai province
Tel: 0901.559.539 – 0913.945.068
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