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Factory for rent in Trang Bom – Dong Nai

JSC’s second ready-built in Trang Bom factory for rent service project with complete, high-quality infrastructure, strategic location connecting traffic with major roads

1. Introduction to JSC’s second factory rental project

➡️ Name of project: Japanese Small and Medium Enterprises Development Joint Stock Company – Bau Xeo industrial park branch

➡️ Short name: JSC Bau Xeo

➡️ Address: Road No. 4, Bau Xeo Industrial Park, Song Beu Commune, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province

➡️ Business lines: Renting ready-built factories, warehouses

➡️ Area:

  • Total area: 46.747 m2,
  • Factory anh office: 22.080 m2.
  • Factory area can be rented up to: 14.400 m2
  • Office area can be rented up to: 4.800 m2

➡️ Accompanying services:

  • Office rental of diverse areas, meeting room rental, break room for professionals.
  • One-door consulting service, supporting procedures and papers quickly. Create favorable conditions as well as save time for businesses to operate more easily.

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  • Factory for rent

2. USP

  • Located in the southern key economic region, the strategic location has routes connecting to ports and major cities.
  • Located in Bau Xeo industrial park with complete infrastructure, spacious roads meet the needs of transporting large trucks and containers.
  • 24/7 security team ensures security for the factory, 1 km from the police station of the industrial park
  • Golf activities, events and tournaments are periodically organized to create conditions for business communities to exchange and connect to support each other.
  • 24/7 technical support team ensures stable and efficient production and operation of customers.
  • The success of JSC project in Nhon Trach has a high occupancy rate, 70% of customers are businesses from Japan. Receive trust and satisfaction from customers.
  • Separate modern-style cafeteria for professionals
  • Office rentals and break-room for professionals

3. Project objectives:

  • Create sustainable value, professional services for customers to feel secure in production and effective business operations.

4. Differences from other factory rental services

  • Factory according to Japanese standards
  • Not only meeting the needs of factory leasing, JSC is constantly developing and gradually improving the infrastructure, especially completing the service ecosystem with modern and outstanding utilities, aiming for comfort and peace of mind for customers.
  • As one of the first projects in Vietnam to receive funding from the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), JSC always aims at quality and service according to Japanese standards, providing investors with an effective – safe – sustainable production and business environment, helping small and medium-sized enterprises feel secure to invest in production and business in the Vietnamese market
  • With a convenient location, Trang Bom factory rental project will meet all the needs of customers in the production, trading and storage of goods. Located in Bau Xeo industrial park with a variety of leasing areas from 5,000 m2 to 16,800 m2, customers can choose the factory area that suits their needs.
  • All factories are designed and built according to high standards, with modern equipment and complete infrastructure to meet the maximum needs of customers. particular, the project has a team of professional and enthusiastic staff, ready to support customers anytime, anywhere.
  • In addition, the project also has many other utilities such as 24/7 security, full fire protection system, stable electricity and water, standard ventilation and lighting system to ensure the best working environment for customers.
  • With competitive rents and quick rental procedures, factory for rent in Trang Bom service is the best choice for businesses that want to expand production or business in this area.
Please contact us for advice and factory tour. We will bring you an EFFECTIVE – SAFE – SUSTAINABLE production and business space.
Address : Road No. 4, Bau Xeo Industrial Park, Song Beu Commune, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province
Tel : 0901.559.539 – 0913.945.068
Email :


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